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If you live in India, then you must be knowing the importance of weddings. For Indian’s wedding is a celebration of a lifetime so it needs to be simply perfect. For every wedding, the bridal wear is one of the most important thing and it needs to be different and unique.


In case you are an Indian bride-to-be then you must be little confused regarding the bridal wear that you can pick to wear on your wedding day. Though accessories, makeup etc. also plays a major role but importance of a bridal dresses/wear increases many folds when it comes to Indian weddings.

Now days every bride want to look different and wear a unique wedding dress which is not only unique in style but is unique in color and pattern as well. Here are some of the types of dresses that can take up the beauty of an Indian bride to a very high notch and make her feel like a princess.

Bridal lehenga:

A bridal lehenga is one of the most common and traditional wear for brides in India. There is no doubt that a bridal lehenga looks gorgeous on every bride. Isn’t it? Most common color of a bridal lehenga is red but now days the taste of girls are changing so more and more girls are experimenting with their bridal looks, bridal wear color as well as accessories.

Bridal saree:

There is no denying that saree is one of the most elegant wear on this planet and no other dress can make a girl look more sensuous as compared to a saree. One of the most important things in bridal saree’s is the blouse neck designs. A blouse neck design can make or break the whole look of any saree. Since time immemorial it’s the blouse that make up the elegance and look of a saree. A pretty contrast blouse highlights the bridal saree extremely well.

Lehenga Saree: 

If you want to opt for an elegance of saree with beauty of lehenga then lehenga saree must be your pick. A Lehenga Saree looks pretty on all size women regardless of their height, weight, size etc.

Saree gown: 


If you want to add little hint of western style to your bridal look then you can opt for a saree gown. If paired with a nice blouse design, saree gown can look super classy and elegant on any Indian bride.
Floor Length Anarkali Suit: 

Opting for a floor length anarkali is not very common for an Indian bride but an anarkali can look super beautiful on an Indian bride. You can pick any bridal color be it red, mehroon, golden, green etc.

So, girls! According to you which bridal wear would look best on an Indian bride? If you have some other options in mind, then do share them with us.
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Lace Wedding Dresses- Best Pick for Your Wedding
Tidestore Fashion And Clothing

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